RadioPro Ltd operates as a Collective Management Organisation (CMO) and manages copyright and rights related to copyright on behalf of rightholders in the music sector. RadioPro Ltd accepts composers, authors, performers, producers, publishers, and music ensembles from around the world, as long as they are not represented by any other CMO (the RadioPro Ltd Terms of Membership and Associate Status apply).

RadioPro Ltd is affiliated through contractual agreements with Right Holders (Artists, Production companies and Producers) who do not wish to become our full members. This is the list of the Associates who are not members of our CMO.

Member Type:
C: Composer, A: Author, C-A: Composer-Author, H: Heir, PU: Publisher, RH: Right holder, PS: Pseudonym, P: Performer, ME: Musical Ensemble or Band, PR: Producer.

Music Ensembles are considered as Pseudonyms for respective Right Holders who are handling their rights and royalties based on contractual agreements between the ensemble members. Every Music Ensemble is handled as a unique Right Holder. When the Ensemble members wish to receive royalties as separate entities, then every member has to register for an independent royalty distribution account. Ensembles have to register all their members as RadioPro Ltd CMO Associate, however they may choose to appear as an Ensemble and not as individuals on our public list. We do not accept Ensembles which include members registered with other CMOs.

The RadioPro Ltd Associates List