RadioPro Ltd, operates as a Collective Management Organisation (CMO) and under Regulation 20 of the Collective Management of Copyright (EU Directive) Regulations 2016 must make the following information publicly available on its website:

(i) The RadioPro Ltd Constitution: RadioPro Memorandum and Articles of Incorporation

(ii) Membership terms: RadioPro Ltd Terms of Membership

(iii) Details of the rights granted to right holders under Regulation 4(a) to (g): RadioPro Ltd The Rights of Rightholders

(iv) Standard licensing terms and applicable tariffs (including discounts): RadioPro Ltd Tariffs

(v) List of the people who manage the CMO’s business: RadioPro Ltd Management Team

(vi) General policy on distribution of amounts to right holders and (ix) general policy on non-distributable amounts: RadioPro Ltd Distribution Rules

(vii) General policy on management fees and/or deductions from rights revenue: RadioPro Ltd Administration Rates

(viii) List of representation agreements it has entered into and the names of the CMOs with which those representation agreements have been concluded: RadioPro Ltd Representation Agreements

(x) Complaint handling and dispute resolution procedures in accordance with Regulations 31 and 32: RadioPro Ltd Complaints and Dispute Resolution Procedure

Documents updated on 30 July 2021