RadioPro Ltd, operates as a Collective Management Organisation (CMO) under the Regulations of the Collective Management of Copyright (EU Directive) Regulations 2016.

RadioPro Ltd is owned and controlled by its right holder members, since our members are shareholders. We believe that is the simplest way to allow direct access to all corporate information and the daily operation of the company. Even the Board Directors are right holders and shareholders. Specifically, all Collective Management Organisation (CMO) Right Holders are shareholders. There are no shareholders who are not right holders and also there are no shareholders who are not members of our CMO.

The only right holders who can not be shareholders, are the ones who are represented by other CMOs (“Associates”), or do not wish to become members of the RadioPro Ltd Collective Management Organisation, allowing us to represent specific rights only. These right holders have contractual agreements in place with RadioPro Ltd, however they do not participate as share holders and do not have voting rights, as described in the RadioPro Ltd Terms of Membership and Associate Status. Associates participate in the General Meeting of our Organisation through the elected Representative of the Associates.

RadioPro Ltd Terms of Membership and Associate Status