An extended Reciprocal Agreement was signed between RadioPro Ltd (UK) and RRML (Ireland)

RadioPro Ltd (, one of the Collective Management Organisations (CMOs) established in the United Kingdom, with the best interests of its right holders in mind, paved the way for the continued post-Brexit protection of its repertoire in the European Economic Area (EEA). Until the end of 2020, RadioPro Ltd was able to collect royalties within […]

Implementing ISRC codes in all RadioPro represented music works

Dear Friends and Members, RadioPro has been working with its Members, Partners and associated Publishers to implement the use of ISRC codes in all the music works represented by the Copyright Management Organisation. The International Standard Recording Code (ISRC) system is the international system for the identification of recorded music and music videos. Each ISRC […]

Domain name change for RadioPro Ltd

Dear Friends and Members, because of the “Brexit”, the Collective Management Organisation RadioPro Ltd will no longer be allowed to maintain an .eu domain name. In order to prepare for the challenging period after 31.12.2020, our hosting provider and the company building and maintaining our website worked around the clock and moved our website to […]

The 2020 Collective Rights Management Working Group Meeting

We would like to inform our artists, shareholders, associates, right holders, partners and interested parties, that we are attending the Collective Rights Management Working Group Meeting for CMOs on 22nd April 2020. The IPO introduced all the required measures to protect all attendees from the COVID-19 infection. The agenda for the day, as it was […]