The 2020 Collective Rights Management Working Group Meeting

We would like to inform our artists, shareholders, associates, right holders, partners and interested parties, that we are attending the Collective Rights Management Working Group Meeting for CMOs on 22nd April 2020. The IPO introduced all the required measures to protect all attendees from the COVID-19 infection.

The agenda for the day, as it was forwarded to us by the Collective Rights Team of the IPO, will be as follows:

1. COVID-19 – to discuss the impact on licensing activities and any other impacts it may have on the activities of CMOs (e.g. annual general meetings)

2. Recent regulatory work

3. ATRs

4. Post-implementation review of the CRM Regulations

5. CRM post EU exit – to include DACS’s suggestion on the CRM Regulations and European relationships going forward.

6. AOB

The IPO informed us that we are able to submit further suggestions for any topic that we would like to discuss.

Our CMO will be by represented by our CEO, who will bring some additional issues to the attention of the Workgroup, regarding the CRM Regulations, the European relationships and how some countries are violating the 2014/26/EU Directive to protect local interests to the detriment of the UK CMOs.

Also, we were informed that earlier this year the IPO published both its Annual Review ( and updated service standards (, following a review of its internal processes. These can be viewed via the links above.

If anyone has proposals, regarding the previous subjects or wants to bring some other issue to our attention, please let us know as soon as possible.

Please stay inside, stay safe!

The Board of Directors
RadioPro Ltd